Friday, 27 August 2010


I tried, but doing Python/database/Apache things in Windows just isn't nice. All the guides for doing it are like afterthoughts to the Linux guides. Consequently, I am downloading Ubuntu. uTorrent says it'll be done in 6 minutes, but that's assuming the speed holds, which it hasn't for the previous 72.3%.

I have a Grand Scheme to make some simple blogging software as a way to learn Python, Pylons, SQL et al, possibly even moving this very blog to it. We shall see. In any event, it means I'll probably be playing WoW less as I'm lazy and rebooting back into Windows just to play will seem like an insurmountable obstacle. This is a good thing, honestly, as I need to aim higher than my current "career".

Anyway, must go, takeaway Chinese food should be ready for collection now!


  1. It worked!

    Sort of. I am now unable to boot into Windows, although I've made a Recovery Disc which will hopefully fix things.

  2. I tried Ubuntu once but not sure I could use it exclusively.

    Btw, and not trying to derail you or anything but... you know WoW can run on Ubuntu, right? :D Think you use something called Wine, but I've never tried it.

    How's the uberl33t blogging software coming along?

  3. The uberl33t software is coming along marvellously! It displays items from an actual database and everything! And the Javascript file is bigger than the HTML file :O Javascript is lovely.

    And yes, I know about Wine - my brother told me WoW is one of the few games that actually works well under it. Still, I've not really missed WoW to be honest. I dunno if I'll even bother playing again until Cataclysm comes out, except maybe to do some more Worldview posts, assuming I can be bothered either un-breaking my Windows 7 install, or seeing if I can get Wine working.

    At the moment though I'm quite happy just booting into Ubuntu and working on my Grand Project. I had originally planned, as I said in this comment's post, to make a blog thing, but considering the awful state of software at work (Excel as a "database", yuck) I figured this current Project would be more directly useful. And it is - already it makes easy some things that are fiddly and annoying to do in Excel (although the opposite is also true, as Excel does come with a lot of things "built-in" that I've had to write from scratch, like a user interface).

  4. Bah, who needs a user interface anyway?