Saturday, 1 January 2011


Today I started learning to juggle. This is not a new-year's resolution – my brother started a month or so ago and has been trying to get me to learn too, and today for lack of anything better to do, I tried it.

It turns out juggling is much easier than it looks! A handy tutorial video explains the basics of juggling with three balls in less than five minutes, and the concept is really very simple; the difficulty lies in the execution, specifically: being able to throw accurately so you don't have to reach awkwardly to catch the balls.

Considering I started at about 13:00 today, I've already managed to keep three balls going for six or so throws, which I never thought would be possible so soon. Obviously I still need lots of practice, but the best thing is, now that I know the basics it really is just practice – there's not really much more to it, and you get a very clear sense of progression, being able to keep the cascade (technical term) going longer and longer. Moreover, it's such a fun feeling being able to do it, and it also looks really impressive.

I definitely recommend watching the video and giving it a try – you'll honestly be surprised at how easy and fun it is!