Tuesday, 23 March 2010

An HTML editor thing

I've written two posts so far and already I don't like the Blogger editor. I like working directly in HTML, so I decided to make my own:

Real-Time HTML Editor

It's a bit basic for now, but I have Grand Plans for it, including the ability to link to a remote stylesheet, adjustable pane sizes, auto-saving, and magic scrollbar position matching, although that last one might turn out to be rather hard. I shall need to research the matter. (it was actually quite easy, even if I did use a non-W3C-standard property)

It works just as well off-line, although you'll need a copy of the jQuery script file too (see also the jQuery website if you're curious).

I rather suspect there'll be some kind of security issue with allowing anyone to insert whatever code they want on a page on my site, but for now I shall just trust to anonymity.

*crosses fingers*


  1. Cool!

    Had a little play, works very nicely so far. The text box is a bit small though (at least it is in IE8) :)

    I hate the wysiwyg editors you get with forums/blogs/CMS, I much prefer to be able to input my own html, loads more control.

  2. Yeah, I realised when I got to work today that it only looks right in Chrome; in Firefox (and presumably IE) the textarea in left pane is not being sized correctly (to fill the whole pane). I've fixed it now but have no means to upload it until I get home.

  3. I updatered it, but still haven't bothered to make it work in IE8. It now has magic scroll position matching!