Thursday, 18 March 2010

I done a blog!

Yes indeed, an actual blog. Not that I actually have anything to write about at this moment, although something might come up as I waffle on (or it might not, so don't get your hopes up).
*racks brains*
Oh! Starcaller! Yes indeed, I have Grand Plans for my guildenfolk. It will be hard, and I fully expect people to moan that they didn't get picked for my elite raiding team but tough luck. We're going to do it 10-man (cos there's not a hope in hell we'll do it 25-man) and it's probably going to take a good few weeks. I want to keep the same people each week until we succeed, and then I can take more people.
Yes, I will pick my favourite people, which will seem unfair and blah blah blah. The reason they're my favourite people is because I believe they have what we will need to succeed: high and intelligent DPS, or excellent healing ability. Furthermore, I'll pick people based on whether they can actually be online consistently and the right time - I don't want to be starting the raid at 21:00 local.
Of course, that still means I'll have to leave capable people out, but that's the nature of 10-man raiding. If you play a class that we have a lot of, don't be surprised if you don't get to come. Hell, I recently respecced my priest to Holy because we've somehow ended up with 3 other raiding Disc priests.
(sidenote: we once did the weekly raid quest, which happened to be Marrowgar, with 4 priests (2 disc, 2 shadow), 3 DKs, 2 paladins (1 prot, 1 holy) and a shaman (elemental). Optimal group compositions ftw)
Where was I? Distracting sidenote was distracting.
Oh yes. So, Starcaller here we come. I would oh so like to do it on my DK tank but I suspect my shaman might be more valuable. The reason I want to do it on my DK is simple: respect. Having suffered the spirit-crushing shit flung at inexperienced new blue-geared careful considerate chain-pulling tanks in heroics, I would very much like to have 'Starcaller Gorain' floating above my character's head as proof that I do, in fact, know what I'm doing.
(seriously mister impatient reta(r)din, when you're below me on total damage in heroic Forge Of Souls, you absolutely do not get to bitch about the instance going too slow. Also, pulling one of those AoEing ghost things just before the last boss 'just to speed things up lol' does not help one bit when you end up dead because I'm standing there watching you fail at tanking it)
I should put those asides in after I've finished, they do rather derail my thought train. Although to be honest that should probably suffice for a first post.
Wait, I didn't even say 'hi!' or introduce myself or anything! That'll be the next post I suppose - I had to get some of this off my chest first.
FINALLY: my new favourite emoticon: QK
Can you tell what it is yet?
Here is a clue:
Ok, ramblesome post is done now. Seems I had something to write about after all.


  1. You did it! You finally made your blog!! And AHA! I'm the first to post! Yay me!

    I can honestly say after reading that I like you more than ever :D You're uber :P

  2. Uber indeed, one of the best persons i met while playing WOW. Best of luck with the Ulduar raid, and keep posting so we can lurk...

  3. Woohoo, i'm the first... oh wait, i'm the sec... gah, ok, third. Third is good right? Yes. Right. I'm the third to post. W00t!

    Great first post sir! Seems like you've had some stuff in you ready to burst out all over this blog!

    Not to put any pressure on, but I shall be frequenting your little slice of t'internet, so you'd better give me something good to read!

    btw, QK ftw!

  4. A fine bronze medal to you, Mr Kalacios sir!

    And thank you all for yer comments :D