Saturday, 10 April 2010

Addon: Satrina Buff Frames

A quick post to mention a handy little addon I found the other day: Satrina Buff Frames. In a nutshell, it lets you customise the layout, size and grouping of your buff/debuff display. Here's how I have mine set up:

Short buffs are ones lasting less than 3 minutes. I might change this at some point to "less than 1 minute". The different colouring on the debuff timers is to show their type (magic, disease, etc.). I've since changed it so the debuff name now appears above the icon, too.

Another handy thing about SBF is it can show you who's given you a particular buff (or debuff, but that's usually obvious) in the tooltip.

All in all a very useful addon!


  1.'ve made much better use of this than I have. Mine all just line up in a disorganised clutter at the edge of my screen. Time to, err, revisit I think so I thank you for the inspiration and the kick up the arse :)

  2. Oooh I didn't even think of separating the short and the long buffs. That would be nice. Also, the hover over telling you which toon gave you which buff is HUGE for pally buffs... especially when you're running with 3+pallies and none of them know what "pally power" is.

  3. Zelmaru, yeah the tooltip is very handy, not only for paladin buffs but also so you know which huntard is still in Aspect Of The Pack :)