Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Worldview: Azshara

Azshara, a place so seldom travelled I had to look it up to make sure I'd spelt it correctly. It's really a shame there aren't more quests in this zone, as it's a very pretty and scenic place, especially in the evening. Mind you, even during the middle of the day it seems to be late afternoon in Azshara, with an almost perpetually setting sun, as if the zone is further north than it actually is.

The zone is populated with quite a variety of wildlife, including stags, hippogryphs, naga, murlocs and, in the southern region, many elite stone giants.

As usual, you can click the images to see a larger (960px wide) version.

The road entering Azshara from Ashenvale, from the west.

A path leading up to an Alliance base in the hills of south-west Azshara.

A strange rock formation atop a hill.

A stag wandering around on a hill.

A rocky outcrop at the top of a hill. There are lots of hills in Azshara.

Looking north towards the mountains that divide Azshara and Winterspring.

The gates at the Azshara side of Timbermaw Hold.

Ruined archway and a ghost at the border of Azshara and Ashenvale.

A waterfall cascading down from the mountains bordering Winterspring and Azshara.

Ruins along the coast, and some Naga buildings.

The ruins actually go quite far out to sea, and there are many giants wandering around below the surface.

The temple of Arkkoran, off the northern peninsula.

These rockpools are scattered all around the coast of the southern peninsula.

The beach at the far eastern tip of the north peninsula, leading up to higher ground.

Looking back down towards the above location.

The Temple of Zin-Malor, in the ruins of Eldarath, in central Azshara.

Naga occupying the the Temple of Zin-Malor. The temple has the same layout as the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus.

More of the ruins of Eldarath.

The entire zone of Azshara seems to be in a perpetual autumn.

A troll turned into stone by one of the giants. The giant to the left in this picture is Monnos the Elder.

Naga patrolling the dead land surrounding the Ravencrest Monument.

The legs, head and sword are all that remains of the Monument.

The view north along the coast from the Monument.

And that concludes this little view of Azshara! I haven't yet decided which zone to do next week – Feralas is certainly high on the list, as is Dire Maul.


  1. Amazing pictures. Must take you ages to get all these.

    Good idea though, capturing the look of these zones now before Deathwing comes along and ruins everything :|

  2. Beautiful pictures. I especially like the one of the Timbermaw Gates. The way the light falls with the parting clouds on either side is amazing.

  3. Thanks :D

    It does take a while - I took all these ones in about two straight hours, whereas the Azuremyst and Bloodmyst ones I took about an hour and a half straight then came back later for another half an hour when it was dark. I plan to update some of these Azshara ones with similar versions taken later in the day, to make them look a bit more interesting.

    Besides that, taking the pictures is only half the story - in those two hours I took 132 pictures, and reducing those down to just 23 then arranging them in a suitable order took about 45 minutes. I'd originally planned on having just 10 pictures, but had a hard time pruning any more.

    Then of course there was the actual writing of the post, which took the least amount of time of all the steps, as it was mostly copy-and-paste.