Thursday, 8 August 2013

[WoW] #WoWScreenshotADay 8: Peek-a-boo!

This post is part of a series of screenshot entries into a competition run by Tycertank.

I struggled to come up with an idea for this one. The end result is from an idea I had fairly early on, but I dismissed it at first as I didn’t think it’d work very well, due to a pretty boring background.

But then, just before we headed to bed, my fiancée and I decided to try it anyway, and thanks to some extraordinarily fortuitous timing, we had our background interest!

Helvecta the gnome mage peeks over the walls of Stormwind.
Helvecta peeks over the walls of Stormwind.

Image notes: zoomed-in view provided by an Ornate Spyglass. Blur, vignette and chromatic aberration (of the lens kind, not the dragon kind) added in Aperture.

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